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Time to invest in Kate Banazi

Time to invest in Kate Banazi

Price rises of Kate Banazi work due to collector demand - an opportunity exists now to purchase before the rise. 

Kate Banazi Serigraph print

Kate Banazi's original and limited edition artwork is currently enjoying great success and attracting collectors across the World. 

Due to demand for Kate Banazi's hand printed Serigraphs on paper and perspex, the value of her work has increased quickly and some editions have doubled in price. We have temporarily taken a number of her limited edition prints and perspex off the website for the present time in order to offer you the opportunity to buy them before we increase the prices in line with other dealers later in November. 

If you have been considering purchasing one of Kate Banazi's pieces, now is an ideal time to invest in her work since the value of her work will continue to rise. 

Viewing the Artwork in person is recommended. There are many layers of ink on each piece which create new colours as they overlay which is difficult to portray in photographs online. However if you are not based in London we can send detailed images of the prints and help with your purchase. 

Click To view the available works on paper 
Click To view the available works on Perspex

To discuss arranging a viewing, purchasing and payment options or to receive further information on the prints, please contact Gina Cross on 0203 627 2350 / 07950 415422 or email us

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SMOKE series by Delphine Lebourgeois

SMOKE series by Delphine Lebourgeois

New to the gallery this month is Delphine Lebourgeois’ most recent series entitled ‘Smoke’ featuring a combination of prints and originals. Each work features a lone person seemingly enjoying a relaxed moment with a cigarette.

Delphine Lebourgeois Print Smoke I at Gas Gallery Each piece conveys a different message. Smoke I is a contemporary setting although the woman is heavily tattooed and wearing modern clothing, she is almost submerged in the water with just the cigarette above the water line. In Smoke II - a more surreal feeling is portrayed, where the woman is almost entirely submerged and could be the last cigarette of a condemned woman.

Delphine Lebourgeois print Smoke II at Gas Gallery Delphine Lebourgeois Art print Smoke IV at Gas Gallery   


The original drawing Smoke III is more carefree, with the girls’ hair swishing freely as she relishes her moment in the sun with her cigarette - seemingly without a care in the world and fearless in her rebellious attitude. 

Smoke IV sees Botticelli referenced, almost as if he is giving two fingers up to the notion that smoking could ever be a bad thing.

The most surreal piece is Smoke V. Delphine has introduced historical characters and an iconic superhero - with the reclining female smoker wearing a mask made of Artemis - the Goddess of hunting - who has fired an arrow at Superman and taken him down out of the sky.

This theme of shooting down superheroes can also be seen in Delphine Lebourgeois' original drawing Bang! Pop! Boom! 

Delphine Lebourgeois print Smoke V at Gas Gallery  As with all of the work in the Smoke series, there is a sense of freedom and rebellion running through each piece as well as a tranquillity to the characters' moments alone. Whatever each character maybe thinking is up to the viewer to interpret as is common with most of Delphine Lebourgeois’ work.

 When asked about the depiction  of smoking in the works, Delphine says: “Smoking is an interesting topic nowadays in society, becoming more and more sanitised - we are not far from it turning into the next rebellious thing. For me, it belongs to youth and living the moment.”

The series is available to view. Contact us for further information

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New Artist Kate Banazi

We are delighted to be the sole gallery in the UK currently showing Kate Banazi's work, which we are debuting at the forthcoming London Design Festival 24-27 September 2015. 

Kate Banazi was born in London and studied at Central St Martins.  She currently lives in Sydney, Australia. Kate has developed a strong following in recent years, with her abstract images and clever overprinting with colours to create beautiful Art prints. 

Kate Banazi prints at Gas Galley

Mainly self taught in the art of silk screen printing, Kate's work is experimental, intuitive and often playful, with bold colour and graphic elements a key reference. Science, space travel and the Quadrivium hold great interest and are often referenced in her work. Kate's experiments on perspex, paper and wood sees her explore the process of screenprinting and its outcomes. In a recent solo show in Melbourne entitled 'Currency' Kate's focus was with 'the virulent standards by which we judge ourselves (and those around us), Banazi looks to our constant pursuit of perfection and the price we pay for this unattainable goal'.

With this in mind for the show Kate refrained from retouching any of the silk screens, accepting the artworks in their unedited beauty. Celebrating blemishes, praising flaws and enjoying the unpredictable process of creating the work — an experience that was both challenging and liberating' 

She has exhibited in group and solo shows Internationally and her work is commissioned by private, public and corporate clients.

See the collection of Kate Banazi's limited edition screenprints here.

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New Joe Cruz prints launch at Designjunction

We're busy preparing for the London Design Festival later this month and we are really excited about some of the new work from new and existing Artists. Joe Cruz is currently a big hit in the graphic design world, and is developing his signature style in to limited edition fine art prints. Visit us at Stand V12, Victoria House for the London version of the Designjunction 

We'll be launching 3 new, exclusive prints by Joe at the show - including this beautiful large A1 sized 'Iman'. Available to order soon online. Watch this space...

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The Lido Series by Anna Marrow

We are really pleased with this new series of prints by Anna Marrow which we have shown recently during the Dulwich Festival. 

The Lido Series would undoubtedly raise anyone's spirits. They capture beautifully what it means to be young, fit and healthy in the heat of summer, with a faintly nostalgic feel of the glamour of the heyday of the Lido; you can almost feel the warmth of the midsummer sun on your back and hear the laughter that filled those days. This is the magic of Anna’s work; she transports you back to those beautiful bright afternoons and fills you with some of that confidence that comes with youth.

In the series we have 'Meanwhile at the Lido' a large piece at 100 cm wide by 70 cm - a perfect statement piece for the living room. Diving Board is a truly beautiful print which looks stunning in a white box frame and is a good size at A1 (56 x 76 cm).  A smaller scale print at 25 x 25 cm Somersault depicts a lively scene of fun and games at the Lido. 

See all of Anna's prints here: 


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We are pleased to be representing the beautiful work of Claire Coles at the forthcoming Affordable Art Fair.

Claire Coles' work starts with drawing with thread, using the sewing machine as others would use a pen or a pencil, in a loose and fluid way. Combining collage with freehand embroidery creates a whimsical and ethereal quality. 

Claire's work is inspired by old textiles and wallpapers, she builds up her colour palette working with neutral tones and gradually injecting bold and bright colours. Capturing a reminiscence of the past but with an injection of freshness.

Much of Claire's work is bespoke, often commissioned as a collaboration with a luxury brand or interior designer. We are pleased to be presenting an exclusive print collection of Claire's work, adapted from original drawings and adapted so as not to be direct copies of original pieces. We are showing these prints alongside original pieces.


We are acting as Agents for future commissions and collaborations and are able to discuss bespoke pieces for domestic and commercial interiors.

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New Anna Marrow Prints!

Were getting ready for Open Studios this weekend in Iliffe Yard and have just had an arrival of brand new Anna Marrow prints ready for the event.



We've got two delightful square animal prints, 'Top Cat' and 'Dress up Dog' to add to the existing animal pack and a further two larger screen-prints available online, from today.

If you loved Marrow's giant 'Mr Whippy' Original Atwork, then you'll enjoy her new limited edition, screenprinted version in eye popping pink. Perfectly suited to this summer sun were enjoying.



Or perhaps you fancied following the Yellow Brick Road with this pair...



Why not come visit us this weekend in our new studio above the Electric Elephant Cafe in Kennington to check out these prints and plenty more. All available to buy and take away with you on the day!

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