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Christine Wilkinson - Winks of Wild #3
Christine Wilkinson - Winks of Wild #3

Gas Gallery

Christine Wilkinson - Winks of Wild #3


Christine Wilkinson’s work blurs the boundaries between photography and painting. Light becomes form. Form without substance, existing only as an instance of colour and light.

It begins with a photograph or a fragment of a photograph - car headlights maybe or sunlight streaming through a window. It’s a starting point, a process, reducing the image simply to random pixels to be used as raw material.  Then it’s about finding the subject matter through the process, evoking a sensation rather than pinning down an image.

This new series of 'Winks' allude to the nature of the process that Christine works with - where something can come out of the blue and become the next variation in her exploration in colour and light. Endlessly experimenting, each 'wink' is a new discovery. 

The series is printed on Canson Baryta fine art paper, 310gsm, light gloss 

Size: 60x60cm